Vanity Fur Pet Spa & Grooming is a full service grooming salon. At Vanity Fur your pets needs come first. We make sure that your fur baby is pampered with top of the line products, and receives the movie star treatment while being in our care. We are a salon that runs by appointments to ensure that your pet will be worked on in a timely fashion. This is to make sure your pet has a happy and enjoyable experience. Our groomers have a deep passion for animals. We are taking appointments now. Please call to reserve your pets pamper day!

Services & Prices-

Baths= Includes Shampoo & Conditioner, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning & Natural Cologne. (Anal Glands by request.)

Bath Small- $25+
Bath Medium- $45+
Bath Large- $55+
Bath Extra Large- $65+

Mini Groom= Same as Bathing Package plus Paw Trim, Face Trim, Ear Trim, Sanitary Trim.

Mini Groom Small- $40+
Mini Groom Medium- $55+
Mini Groom Large- $65+
Mini Groom Extra Large- $75+

Full Groom= Same as Bathing Package plus Full Body Cut.

Full Groom Small- $65+
Full Groom Medium- $75+
Full Groom Large- $85+
Full Groom Extra Large- $95+
Mini Poodle/Doodle- $70+
Standard Poodle/Doodle- $95+

Extra Services=
Soothing Paw Treatment- $5
Blueberry Facial- $6
Speciality Bath- $8
(Medicated, Oatmeal, Whitening)
Teeth Brushing- $8
Nail Trim- $10
Nail Grind- $15
Dematting- $10+
Deshedding- $20 ($30 for XL Dogs)

  • 12525 Philips Highway, Suite 110, Jacksonville, FL, USA